Hello, darling!

Behind PATIS Project brand there's me - a fashion designer, at the moment growing three very smart yet a bit naughty children!

I have been designing clothes for well-known brands for more than 15 years now. To be honest, designing lives deep inside my heart and I truly love what I do! I sincerely hope you know what it means to fully express your personality, don't you? So here I am to reveal my passion in clothing design to you.

PATIS is a clothing brand driven by the desire to combine fashion, femininity, comfort and sustainability. Minimalist modern silhouettes, sustainable local fabrics and PATIS' urban colour palette - the ultimate city’s classics.The use of natural fabrics like wool and cotton creates a perfect touch with your skin, giving a sence of elegance, comfort and exceptional quality. The designs are extra versatile - suitable for work and free-time, compatible with high-heels and sneakers. All of this for you to have at least an extra minute in your day for a relaxing cup of tea.

Here, in PATIS, we are working for providing you only the highest quality, sustainable, ethical and socially-conscious clothing with a comfortable yet modern look. PATIS is made to fit in with your everyday life and fulfil your every moment.  


"This dress is amazing! It fits like a dream."

"Beautiful design really nicely crafted. I wore it on a frigid windy day and it kept me warm. I am impressed with its beautiful lining and overall color of this coat."


"Thanks for my new favorite dress."


Love you,

the founder of PATIS