I am a fashion designer, for the moment growing three very very smart children. Having a passion to create clothes for a really women, with all the figure problem they have. For women who are running throw their life, but they are strong and independent in their minds. I have been designing clothes professionally for more than 15 years now. So here I am to give my passion in clothing design to you. PATIS is a clothing brand driven by the desire to combine fashion and comfort. Clean lines,
contemporary and minimalist  modern silhouettes suitable for everyday use. PATIS’ colour palette as well as aesthetics are inspired by the urbanistic atmosphere – blacks, greys and whites are the ultimate city’s classics. The use of natural fabrics like wool and cotton create a perfect sense of elegant comfort. The designs are extra versatile - suitable for work and free-time, compatible with high-heels and sneakers. They are addressed to city women, who often find it difficult to make time for redressing between occasions. PATIS women are feminine with some subtle edginess. They are those who value their time and freedom, enjoy looking great but do not want to commit to it. PATIS is made to fit in with your everyday lives and fulfil your every moment.