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Oversized style cotton overshirt with grandad collar



 Time has changed and transformed the way we think, the way we live, the way we move. Now it is hard to decide where my office is? The home, the park, or somewhere else? And how does my home looks now? : like office or school or place to rest. The changing needs to think about the clothes - to accept the needs of versatility and comfort in one garment. So the intelligent design understands that being in harmony with herself we need to dress comfortable first :) because our lifestyle is leading to that. The fabrics must be responsible for that: they must be breathable, natural, and have good moisture absorption. Let introduce The RUGE SUIT which comes from two versatility garments: oversized band collar shirt and elasticated waistband pants. So there is the new style of women suit :) New outfit for zoom work, for dinner with friends, if it will be possible, and to the local food market.
Developing oversized band collar RUGE over shirt we think about how to put comfort and functionality first. So these relaxed-fit shirts are made from absolutely soft, heavy, and strong cotton. They will fit on every garment You will choose to wear under the shirt: dress, pants or jeans. Relaxed fitting button-up shirt made from a washed cotton blend fabric featuring two chest patch pockets, buttoned cuffs, box pleat on the yoke, and dropped back.
The pants are so comfortable because they are designed almost like jersey pants with front pleats, side pockets, and patch pockets on the side. As we say :it is better to have fewer clothes that fits, then a lot of clothes, because You will not even know what to dress. So grab the leisure cotton blend suit RUGE- for every moment of Your current lifestyle. We believe You will find Your simply lucky moments when You will have what to dress, it will be enough to have the suit with shirts and pants in one colour. The fact is, that the living is easier, when it is easy to dress, if You like to impress:)

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