Black unisex maxi wool blanket shawl

Color: Black

In a need of a perfect gift, try this luxury blanket scarf. Timeless and versatile, this large rectangular knitted scarf is made from wool with alpaca yarns with an extra-soft, fuzzy finish. We had prepared this woolen shawl so it would unite warm feelings, you want to embed into your thoughtful and premeditated gift with a practical aspect every amazing present should acquire.
This beautiful Wool Shawl is what could be lovely a reminder of your warm hug on the days when your loved one needs some extra support of just a more casual protection from the elements. The symbolic meaning of this gift could signify a special place in your heart and a long wide bond you share with the receiver.
This long wide scarf is also more than just a personal accessory. It could be used as a piece of interior design to create a homey and cozy feeling wherever you go. Just lay it next to you in your sometimes bleak office and watch how it changes the atmosphere into a homey environment. Or incorporate it in your Living-room to add a touch of minimalist aesthetics as well as a cozy winter/autumn look.
And don’t forget that this luxurious shawl is also perfect for the spring and summer seasons. In spring it will save you on the days when fast-changing weather will turn to the colder side. And in the summer you can pack take it as a part of your holiday attire. You will find how useful it is on a romantic walk on the beach when sea gusts get a little bit chilly.

Contains : 20% alpaca wool, 25%wool, 55% other(pa,pan. ea)

Size: Length 200 cm. (79 in) width 70 cm.(28 in)

❤️Grey color is one of the most universal colors of all. It makes this scarf easy to match with any outfit and allows you to create a neutral look. It is just perfect for the days when your sparkling personality needs no more additional color!
❤️Black. You can never go wrong with black! This refined color creates the feeling of mystery around you and adds additional elegance to your overall attire.
❤️Bordo color has a dual meaning: the energy and luxury of red color are enriched with the darker shades. This additional darkness makes wild energy more tamed and allows you to carry more sense of wisdom and dignity into your outfit.

Gift package included in the price, please Just wite the Name of Your beloved person:)

100% Merino

Machine wash cold, do not tumble dry

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